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Thought is spirit vibration, intelligence manifestation, spiritual power. Once its importance as a powerful form of attraction, either for good or evil, is recognized, the human being can guide its life by putting the acquired knowledge into practice. For this, it needs to adopt, as norms of conduct, the principles of Christian Rationalism that are best suited to the occasion, aiming to receive good spiritual attendance and success in its endeavors.

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Spirit evolution

Life vibrantly pulses and manifests itself in all aspects and places of planet Earth. Plants and animals, for example, are manifestations if such vibration, which is non-static. On the contrary, it is in constant movement, evolving into increasingly complex forms. New species appear constantly, as Science has already shown, and the human beings are fruit of such evolution.

Such scenario results from the development of Universal Intelligence – which animates, gives form and movement to everything. This spiritual view of evolution is the basis of Christian Rationalism. And from this complete view one can understand the meaning and purpose of everything that involves life.

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Evolutionary laws

Evolutionary laws are natural and immutable. Natural, for they result from a logical sequence on the evolutionary process. Immutable, for they are absolute, and therefore free from any dependency or subjection. These laws rule all and everyone, without exceptions. They evaluate and guide the correct and fair evolution of each spirit.

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