Spirit evolution


The human being lives, on Earth, a school-world, to spiritually evolve. Simply put, the Christian Rationalist philosophy identifies three components in it: spirit (intelligent and immaterial principle), fluidic body (subtle matter) and physical body (dense matter).

People are not just their appearances. More than a physical body, they’re spirits incarnating with evolutionary goals. To meet their evolutionary needs, they’ve been in human bodies of different aspects in various places of the planet. Those requirements result from their good or bad deeds, always subject to evolutionary laws, in their countless previous lives. Therefore, spirits return to school-worlds as many times as needed to absorb all offered lessons, then following their evolutionary trajectory in other spiritual dimensions.

Spiritual planning

Determined to incarnate, and considering its evolutionary degree, the spirit chooses its ethnic group, the nation, the family and other conditions to foster its evolutionary progress.

Actions such as developing spiritual faculties and attributes, choosing to practice good deeds, to intensely use reasoning, to continuously enhance intelligence will depend, necessarily, of the good usage the human being makes of free-will.

Spiritual evolution

There are countless spirits willing to continue their evolutionary trajectory on Earth. Decided to incarnate and, having proper material conditions to follow its evolution, the spirit must make the most to successfully execute the project it has made in its spiritual stage-world. That way, human beings must fully seize the four existence stages – childhood, youth, adulthood and elder age – inside the spiritualist norms established and recommended by Christian Rationalism.

Acting that way, when returning to their respective stage-worlds after disincarnating, they’ll feel well-being due the good deeds performed in physical life.

Regardless of the philosophical strand followed in life, upon disincarnating, the spirit will gradually ascend to its spiritual stage-world, if it has fulfilled its evolutionary duties. Upon arrival, and gathering all information related to the last and the previous incarnations, the spirit can decide, with the aid of highly evolved spirits, the next step in its evolutionary trajectory: to reincarnate, for it still needs to improve its faculties and attributes; or rise to a superior spirituality world, for overcoming the challenges presented by school-planet Earth.

One thing is certain: evolution must be performed, at all costs. Such is imposed by evolutionary laws that rule the Universal Whole – the Universal Life in its broad and constructive aspect. Those laws are oblivious to the pretensions of those thinking of voiding or deceiving them. Among the evolutionary laws, the law of reincarnation, the law of cause and effect and the law of attraction stand out.

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