Christian Rationalism was founded by Luiz de Mattos and Luiz Thomaz in 26 January 1910, in the city of Santos (São Paulo – Brazil). Luiz de Mattos, by deeply analyzing religions and the work of philosophers, researchers and intellectuals, has coded a spiritualist philosophy with appropriate norms of conduct for the evolution of human beings.


Luiz de Mattos handled the task of coding the practice of spiritualistic activities in a simple, clear, safe and reliable way. He gave the students of spirituality information on the eternal existence of the soul (or spirit), on the sequence of spiritual life after the physical body death, on positive and negative influence of thought in human actions and on the effects of daily psychic cleansing, among other knowledge of spiritual nature.


Antonio Cottas was responsible for consolidating the legacy of Luiz de Mattos for human spiritualization. In his fifty seven years leading Christian Rationalism in physical plan, Antonio Cottas consolidated its great foundations – the principles and the discipline – given by master Luiz de Mattos.

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