Christian Rationalism uses the terms Intelligent Principle, Creative Force, Great Focus or Universal Intelligence to characterize this creative and accomplishing power, which many religions name as God.

The Christian Rationalist philosophy does not use the word God to name the Intelligent Principle, for the Principle is inside human beings working for their spiritual growth. The philosophy detaches this superior force from earthly figures or objects. Any idea in this sense would materialize this transcendent force.

The Intelligent Principle is on the diverse kingdoms of nature: mineral, vegetal and animal, pulsating, vibrating, giving movement and life in the whole Universe. Everything that happens in the Universal Whole – Universal Live in its broad and constructive aspect – results from vibrations of the Creative Force. However, unlike common belief, Christian Rationalism enlightens that the human being is a particle of the Intelligent Principle evolving on Earth, which is considered a school-planet. The individual has, in latent form, all attributes of Universal Intelligence and evolves complying with evolutionary laws. Those laws are natural, as they result from a logical sequence in the evolutionary process, and immutable, as they are absolute and therefore free from any dependency or subjection.

Such is the theme of Chapter 2 – Force and Matter – of the book Christian Rationalism, in its latest edition, that, in its natural simplicity, is quite deep if read with prejudice-free mindfulness.

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Psychic imbalance results from the poor use of free-will, of ill-educated will, from sensualist inclinations, from uncontrolled daily acts, from vices, including drugs, from rampant nervousness, from insurmountable wishes, from limitless ambition, from headstrong behavior and, consequently, from lack of knowing or observing the Christian Rationalist teachings.

There is no doubt that human beings can maintain themselves in the line of good conduct, benefiting themselves and their environment, with good use of reasoning towards solving problems presented by life, being mindful of the honored aspect of all matters.

Daily acts must be chosen with criteria to reflect the greatest possible common sense. Social organization obeys a scheme whose overall traces define the position everyone must adopt in the interchange of human relations. To achieve this end, one needs to control its attitudes, have self-domain and put reasoning to action. From uncontrolled acts and words come the offenses, the consequent remorse, longstanding resentments and, not rarely, dislikes and hostility.

It follows easily that psychic imbalance results from the lack of spiritual enlightenment, the lack of knowledge on the mechanism of life, the unfamiliarity of what happens after the physical body deceases and how one should proceed to properly seize its stay on Earth.

Christian Rationalism advises all people to have psychic balance and physical health by means of a disciplined, methodic and conscious living. The philosophy warns that the essential mental preparation, attained via psychic cleansing, is as necessary to the spirit as physical hygiene to the human body. Psychic cleansing must be performed daily, even on weekends, on the recommended form and times, and always preceded by a few minutes destined to self-reflection, for the analysis of the day to day facts. It should not be performed in any time or place, as it is assumed that the home is more quiet and private than the streets or the workplace.

Psychic normalization is attained with best results in the public meetings performed at the Christian Rationalist houses, where fluidic currents are organized and maintained by spirits of high evolutionary degree, named Superior Astral.

Psychic normalization of children is done towards spiritual enlightenment of parents and people around them, bringing them, assiduously, to the Christian Rationalist houses. Children also normalize by changing their environment, when took out of places where inferior astral spirits act, attracted by vices and bad thoughts of the adults. In other environment and far from imbalanced people around, they’ll have a bland living, oriented by the Christian Rationalist principles and its soul-strengthening discipline.

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There are no wedding ceremonies in Christian Rationalist houses, for they aim only to activities related to the practice and disclosure of Christian Rationalism.

Many brides and grooms dream with a wedding party where they can use traditional clothing for the occasion, in front of the family, friends and acquaintances. Given the spiritualistic postulates of Christian Rationalism, it is recommended that a justice of the peace celebrates the wedding in a proper register office or in a ceremony in an adequate place, with the presence of properly dressed guests. Bride and groom may use the special clothing that characterizes the event. The beauty and simplicity of the party always charm the guests, a festive date that marks a spiritual union aimed to develop the most meaningful virtues resulting from the affinity of uplifted thoughts and feelings, of legitimate aspirations, acts of like-mindedness, tolerance, selflessness and release; of joint efforts towards the recently-formed family and fellow people.

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As a particle of Intelligent Principle, the human being brings in its subconscious, or fluidic body, the registers of the multiple existences its spirit had on Earth. However, it does not remember details of such experiences. Upon incarnating, the spirit does not clearly recall the facts lived in past lives, for it would harm the natural course of its evolution. For example, when victim and tormentor in a given existence meet in a following incarnation, the memories would certainly activate negative feelings, such as grudge, sorrow, hate or vengeance.

The great moral pains, the great sufferings leave profound marks, difficult of erasing from the fluidic body. Oftentimes a person displays feelings of dislike, rejection, sometimes even repulse for another person without any visible reason. These are recurrent attitudes from facts of past spirit incarnations, they result from the law of cause and effect in the psychic phenomena.

For such reason, and as Christian Rationalism enlightens, the practice known as past life regression therapy is not recommended. It is a damaging practice, for the bad astral attendance of the environment, which involves the treatment practitioner and the person subjected to this psychotherapy. Regressions are affected by the harmful presence of obsessive spirits, which exploit the negative ambience then formed, possibly leading the people involved in the course of such procedures to psychic imbalance.

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The concepts of Christian Rationalism recommend the human beings, except those responsible for applying the legal rules of human relations, to don’t judge or convict anyone. The doors of Christian Rationalist houses are open to everyone wishing to enlighten themselves on the spiritual life via study and reflection of what they read. In our houses there is no type of prejudice whatsoever, be it ethnic, on social, financial, intellectual conditions or religious convictions. Respect to people’s free-will is one of the philosophical pillars of Christian Rationalism.

Our philosophy explains to the students of spirituality that they are the sole responsible for their choices and they reap the results of their decisions. They learn, with this spiritualist postulate, to increase the rights and reduce the wrongs. Thus, they learn to use well the spiritual faculty of free-will. Evaluating the conduct to adopt in life is up to each one.

Christian Rationalism explains that the spirit programs, in astral field, its incarnation in human body in the physical plan, to allow its evolutionary progress. To this end, it evaluates the country, the family and other conditions that favor the evolution that must be processed in planet-school Earth.

Students of Christian Rationalism know that human beings are born in different places, with distinct racial characteristics, as well as social conditions, some rich, some poor, for each situation presents lessons leading to spiritual learning that must be fulfilled during the existence. Whatever the continent the human being is born, it was so because its spirit decided, a priori in astral field, that such place in the physical plan can carve spiritual attributes and faculties that are still imperfect.

If the human being is born as man or woman, it is so because there is much to learn in the two conditions. If it decides to act contrarily to the determinations its spirit took before in its stage-world in astral field, it will have new opportunities in new incarnations to develop the qualities it could not enhance in the current existence.

If a spirit, that always took a female body in various incarnations, evaluates, in astral field, that a male body will ensure the best conditions to improve certain attributes, it will incarnate as a man in the next existence. However, it will bring strong female traits resulting from the previous existences as woman. The same happens in the inverse situation, when countless previous incarnations were only in male human bodies. Both cases are expressions not always verifiable by free-will. Probably this spirit needs another incarnation with the newly-chosen sex, to better seize the conditions it offers, which are needed to its spiritual evolution. Nevertheless, there are spiritual attributes and faculties that the person must develop regardless of sex.

The teachings of Christian Rationalism make human beings tolerant with their fellows, for, in essence, everyone is the same. The differences are only related to the degree of individual spiritual evolution, the unique spiritual baggage conquered in multiple prior spirit incarnations of the spirit.

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