Christian Rationalism: two concepts, one meaning

Christian Rationalism associates two apparently conflicting terms. However, when joined, they express the philosophy’s essence: the use of reasoning to pave the way for spiritual awakening.

From one side, the word RATIONALISM, linked to reason and reasoning, which is nothing but well-oriented thought, a practice that leads to correct choices in life. Reasoning with awareness is to construct solid basis for true convictions, to unveil the unclear, to find what is sought in the tangle of ideas.

On the other side, the term CHRISTIAN, which, associated to rationalism, completes the revealing meaning of the philosophy: a code of conduct containing spiritualist principles and Christian norms as a basis of modern humanism.

For a better understanding of their deep meaning, these concepts cannot be separated, for they synthesize not only a set of rational actions, a moral code of conduct, but also an integrating feeling, aligned with ethics and, ultimately, with spiritual evolution.

Therefore, being a Christian Rationalist is living in an honored, prudent, moderate and fair way. It is preparing for the current and next existences as an enlightened person, aware of its state and spiritual conditions, and not as an individual fleeing from self and collective duties.

Hence the strengthen, enlighten and spiritualize triad: they’re guiding actions of the Christian Rationalist philosophy. As the human being strengthens, it enlightens itself; and by enlightening, it spiritualizes itself.

Modern spiritualist philosophy

Christian Rationalism states that the Universe is composed of Force and Matter. Force is the immaterial, active and transformative Intelligent Principle. Matter is the passive and pliable element. In our philosophy, the Intelligent Principle is often referred to as Great Focus or Universal Intelligence, from which human beings are parts owning the same attributes in latent form, to be developed and perfected in the innumerable existence they undergo on Earth as evolving spirits. Thus, Force and Matter summarize and explain life in its broad and constructive aspect. Knowing these principles reduce the errors that many human beings still perform.

Among the innumerable challenges currently faced by mankind, moral enhancement can be regarded as the principal. Issues presented to the human being in its familiar, social and professional live, as well as its understanding towards the diversity of thought, cultures, philosophical and affective choices demand solid knowledge of the existence as a whole.

The field of life studies, from a broader aspect, shows its important inter-relation with the world of observable facts. Our philosophy presents its view on spirituality, following its own guidelines and methods, in this field.

In this sense, Christian Rationalism precisely highlights the relevance of historical knowledge, which allows mankind to look at the past and verify the unwavering reality of spiritual evolution and material development of humanity through millennia.

In the several periods of their evolutionary course, human beings elaborated different forms of facing the world’s transcendent reality, from the creation of myths and fantasies to the current scientific paradigm. However, in the plurality of these historic trends, we highlight the connection between spirituality and materiality, because, as Christian Rationalism states, the root of all facts is the Principle Intelligent action over Matter.

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