Christian Rationalist houses



The Headquarters of Christian Rationalism are permanently located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
It centralizes the spiritualist and administrative activities, for monitoring and orienting work performed in the remaining Christian Rationalist houses.

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Branches and Correspondents

Besides the Headquarters, Christian Rationalist houses are divided in two categories: branches and correspondents.

Branches are houses that perform spiritualistic meetings with psychic manifestations, following the specific discipline in the latest edition of the book The Practice of Christian Rationalism.

Correspondents are Christian Rationalist houses in initial stages. Besides psychic cleansing, their spiritualistic work is limited to reading and commenting Christian Rationalism literature during the public meetings. They also use kits with psychic manifestations recorded in the Headquarters’ public meetings, to explain the philosophy’s principles by answering such reflexes.

We highlight that all houses are subject to the Headquarters and follow the same practices.

How to open a correspondent?

To start a Christian Rationalist nucleus, a representative from the group of people must submit an authorization request to perform meetings in established days and hours to the Christian Rationalism’s president. Upon authorization, the nucleus can perform psychical cleansing and promote the joint study of the books Christian Rationalism, Incorporeal Life and The Practice of Christian Rationalism, all in their latest editions, released by the Headquarters.

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