Psychic cleansing

What is the psychic cleansing?

Psychic cleansing consists of irradiations, spiritual vibrations that connect the human being to spirits of higher degree of evolution, called Superior Astral. It promotes one’s spiritual strengthening to face the struggles of daily life.
Thoughts are spirit vibrations and, therefore, irradiations. When one thinks on a given place, these vibrations are directed towards that place. The same happens when a person comes to mind. In this sense, focus on the irradiation’s words meaning is extremely important for a successful connection with Superior Astral spirits.

Psychic cleansing is, therefore, as a brief pause in the day, aiding the individual to recover its vitality and, thus, live with more energy to face its difficulties and pursue its goals.

What is the goal of psychic cleansing?

The human being lives under constant pressure, for life is competitive in general. Daily dilemmas drain vital energy. Issues like internal frustrations, shocks suffered with all kinds of losses, pressure to fulfill duties and meet personal or collective expectations shake the spirit. This, therefore, has consequences on the physical body.

This wear and tear subjects the spirit to depression, moral abasement and other emotional conditions, making room for negativity. Hence, replenishing this vital energy is necessary. However, it is necessary to break through the layer of negative thoughts formed in Earth’s fluidic atmosphere to achieve the replenishment. This is the exact goal of psychic cleansing.

Environmental cleansing resulting from this practice also aims to snatch wandering disincarnate spirits and guide them out of Earth’s fluidic atmosphere.

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How to perform psychic cleansing?

Christian Rationalism recommends the daily practice of psychic cleansing to everyone, be it on public meetings or at home. To achieve that, people must gather daily at 7am and 8pm, or in close hours, as per individual routine. Therefore, psychic cleansing should not be done in any place, as at home there is more privacy than in the streets or at work.

When psychic cleansing is done in a group, one participant says the irradiations out loud and the remaining mentally follow. When the person is alone, irradiations can be done in silence, or out loud. Those who cannot irradiate in groups can do it alone, preferably in a quiet place and in the mentioned hours.

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Before the irradiations, it is important that the person reserve a couple of minutes for self-reflection, analyzing the facts of the day and aiming to disconnect from everything around, in order to attain the most perfect concentration, so as to ease its reconnection to higher dimensions of spirituality.

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