Personal Care

What is Personal Care?

Personal care consists of receiving people that go to Christian Rationalist houses to obtain clarifications on the philosophy or to privately present their struggles, distress and existential dilemmas, aiming at receiving orientation and advice. Personal care is a great support, motivating the person to reflect over perhaps unconsidered perspectives.

The service is done via a friendly and respectful conversation. Those responsible for personal care have large spiritualist knowledge and life experience, which allows them to give clear and safe guidance to the interested. Transmitted information allows comprehension of the nature of their afflicting problems. Besides, the calm environment eases the process of psychic restructuring required to overcome their problems.

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What is the goal of personal care?

Both the conversations established in personal care and the knowledge gained in public meetings show that challenges presented by life must be faced as opportunities of spiritual enhancement.

In this sense, the greater goal of Personal Care is to show the person the possibility of getting out of psychic imbalance situations, such as depression and vices, through the rational practice of Christian Rationalism spiritualist principles and soul-strengthening discipline.

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Seek personal care

To seek personal care, it is recommended to attend to, at least, three public meetings, in any Christian Rationalist house. This way, the service is effective, safe and longstanding.

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