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What is Christian Rationalism?

Christian Rationalism is a spiritualist philosophy. It explains what we are and do on school-planet Earth. From clear and objective concepts, it teaches that the Universe is ruled by all-governing evolutionary laws. By comprehending this reality, we better understand our living, gaining the necessary tools to reach well-being and happiness.

What is the goal of the Christian Rationalist philosophy?

The main goal of Christian Rationalism is to strengthen not only the physical body, but the spirit as well; enlightening human beings by means of the spirituality it defends, discloses and practices in Christian Rationalist houses worldwide. Therefore, it focuses on spiritual evolution, without prejudices or dogmas.

From a very own and unique methodology, the Christian Rationalist philosophy provides a centennial source of teachings to spirituality students and researchers, with conduct practices that guide human beings to a more conscious, balanced and harmonic living.

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Christian Rationalism Bookstore

Reading, studying and reasoning are important factors for conquering self-knowledge, freedom of action and consequent spiritual growth.

People wishing to know the Christian Rationalist philosophy and deepen in its teachings will find a broad collection of books, that can be acquired on the link below.

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The answer is within you

In addition to meaningful insights on the spiritual life, Christian Rationalism also provides you with safe guidelines for solving your problems - even those of a psychic nature, such as depression, alcoholism, visions, anguish, anxiety, obsession, mania, phobias and more. Through Christian Rationalism, you will learn that all answers are within you. You will see that there are no miracles, for everything in the Universe is subject to common, natural and immutable laws. Should you be tired of searching for answers to your questions, to no avail, then take our invitation to study the rationalist philosophy.

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