Christian Rationalism teaches that the human being must vibrate its thoughts in harmony with currents of well-being and progress. This way, it is logical and sensible that one guides its life through valuable requirements.

Next, there are some Christian Rationalism recommendations, from its principles and discipline, which contribute for human beings to experience life to its fullest:

  1. Strengthen the will for the practice of good deeds;

  2. Identify and repel bad thoughts, making good use of free-will;

  3. Cultivate uplifted thoughts in favor of fellow creatures;

  4. Do not wish for others what one does not want for itself;

  5. Lend a helping hand to whoever needs it, whenever the available means and opportunity allows it, without contributing to laziness or vices in anyone;

  6. Respect others’ point of view, especially when sincerely expressed;

  7. Do not connect one’s thought to mean, inconvenient and psychically imbalanced people;

  8. Combat evil-speaking;

  9. Eliminate heated arguments from daily habits;

  10. Keep mental and physical hygiene at its best;

  11. Make use of willpower against irritation;

  12. Maintain emotional balance while analyzing facts, to avoid affecting the necessary serenity;

  13. Adopt, as a disciplinary norm, the healthy habit of solely making decisions inspired in the firm purpose of doing good deeds, acting, for that matter, with deliberation, moderation, justice, serenity and virtue;

  14. Conduct itself respectfully in language and acts;

  15. Be mindful on politeness and punctuality, for they are reflexes of good upbringing;

  16. Promote longevity by all means, aware to the principle that body health depends on a good state of the soul;

  17. Permanently foster good humor, from which organic cells receive healthy influences;

  18. Be moderate on speaking, dressing, working, sleeping, feeding and recreating;

  19. Fully dedicate towards household safety and stability;

  20. Raise to the utmost the brotherly feeling of friendship towards good people, aiming at strengthening the harmonic current on the planet, towards common well-being.

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