Evolutionary Laws


Knowing the three most influent evolutionary laws on human being spiritual evolution is important, so as to understand and use them well. By violating them, one delays its evolutionary walk. By understanding these relevant evolutionary laws, the human being better seizes its existence and evolves faster.

Understand the spirit evolution process

Law of reincarnation

The human being appeared in this world as a result of the Intelligent Principle’s constructive action in various domains of nature. This evolutionary march proceeds without any interruption or change. The particle of this Intelligent Principle, the spirit, upon initiating its evolutionary process in the human body, starts to rely on free-will to guide itself by its own responsibility. Its ultimate goal is to reach the perfection of Universal Intelligence. To acquire the evolutionary experiences offered by school-planet Earth, the spirit must incarnate as many times as needed to go through all situations that promote its improvement.

In this sense, reincarnation, the name given to the succession of existences or multiplicity of bodily lives of a conscious individuality (the spirit), is an essential condition for its progress. Hence, the person must guide its life to shorten its evolutionary process, having the mind geared towards the improvement of its own personality.

Therefore, the process of reincarnations explains why people are so different, even inside a family, and why they live under so diverse circumstances: why some are richer, other live on the streets, some are prodigious, other are slower, etc. Conditions determining the spirit incarnation in physical plan were stablished in astral field. They are adequate to its evolutionary degree and consider the attributes and faculties not fully developed yet, as well as rights and wrongs of past lives, due the usage of free-will.

Reincarnations ultimately allow the spirit to perfect its qualities and correct its defects. Nothing is fairer than taking responsibility for the bad acts performed in physical life. It is good to mind that experienced setbacks are not punishments, but lessons the spirit accumulates in its evolutionary baggage in its multiple incarnations.

Law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect law that there is no effect without its cause, everything is a consequence of something done. This way, there is no room to chance; everything has its rationale, its explanation inside the law of cause and effect. Finding excuses or asking forgiveness for wrongdoings does not void this evolutionary law.

The human beings must know the action of thought, the power of will, the psychic strength of attraction, which can be used for good as well as for evil purposes, according to thoughts’ nature.

Being aware that its thoughts and actions have consequences (because of free-will), the person starts using them with criteria and wisdom. Everything it thinks and does will be registered in the infinite fluidic matter field the Universe is provided. The register is then analysed in the stage-world when the spirit leaves the physical body, to promote its evolution.

The evolutionary law of cause and effect is not of a punishing nature, as the less informed might thing. It is of an educational nature, so that people recognize their mistakes and seek the shortest way of avoiding them. Therefore, people cannot complain on failures, nor thank divinities for their successes, as they reap what they sow.

Law of attraction

The law of attraction is ultimately connected to the action of thought, also entering the field of affinities. This way, once the importance of thought as a powerful force of attraction for good or evil is recognized, the human being must guide its life by practicing the acquired spiritualist knowledge, for the benefit of itself and others around it.

Thoughts are vibratory waves that align as a function of affinity, forming currents crisscrossing in all directions. This way, they become known upon being issued. These vibrations connect to negative or positive currents that involve the whole planet Earth, depending on their quality.

Hence, by the law of attraction, one who thinks evil not only transmits, but also picks related thoughts in the same intensity and suffers the effect of those malign thoughts, willing or not. Thoughts of virtue and courage, of resolve and decision attract thoughts in the same vibration, producing an ambience of trust that promotes success, just as the Christian Rationalist philosophy teaches.

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