Incorporeal Life Book

Incorporeal Life

One of the most fascinating themes, and not less controversial, is Incorporeal Life, which has been subject of studies and considerations by philosophers and researchers since the early ages until now.

Among the oeuvres published by Christian Rationalism with the aim to enlighten us about who we are and why we are in this school-planet named Earth – this one prominently intends to unravel the unknown, to open new horizons about the understanding of what is transcendental. This book reveals new panorama about life beyond the organic matter, answering questions and concerns related to the aspects and people's attitudes towards the invisible. Herein the reader finds affirmation and situations of his or her knowledge, facts that may have happened to him or her, uncanny cases allotted to supernatural origins.

The sobriety that is targeted in this material clearly establishes an interest in contributing, with this book, to the freeing of humanity from superstitions and dogmas, due to the awareness that the evolution only depends on oneself and on one's effort to put into practice to accomplish it.

The ideas that the majority of people maintain about their own selves are, in general, of a material nature. The image they have of themselves is the one they can see in a mirror, when the reality is that this reflection is only the means that is, nothing more then a casual expression of the spirit. This comprehension does not mislead the ones who know firmly that the spirit incarnates in a human body countless times until it reaches a certain degree of evolution.

Christian Rationalism affirms that the Universe is composed of Force, or Intelligent Principle, and Matter. The Intelligent Principle, which is fractioned in myriad of parcels, is designated as the Creative Force, Great Focus, or Universal Intelligence. Matter is the manifestation field of the Intelligent Principle.

There are many states of matter other than the known ones: solid, liquid, and gas. The subtler states are named fluidic matter, which under the action of the Universal Intelligence parcel, form bodies with specific functions related to the evolutive process. Life, therefore, is the continuous action of the Intelligent Principle over Matter. To understand it with greater amplitude, it is necessary to deeply examine it. All physical bodies have a fluidic base. This base interpenetrates them and expands beyond its physical limits, forming an involucre that clairvoyant mediums can perceive as a haze, named as aura or auric field.

The auras that encircle the physical bodies are reflexes of the permanent action of the Universal Intelligence. These reactions, in the case of human beings, translate the psychic and emotional states revealed to the mediumistic perception through light, sounds, smell, and images. The study of these manifestations, coupled with the knowledge of how the evolutive laws are fulfilled, especially the cause-and-effect law, allow us to see the way thought affects our lives. The value of thought as a powerful force of attraction of good or evil and the psychic unbalance and its causes have special highlights in this oeuvre, in order for the reader to comprehend why the disturbance waves are enveloping people who make ill use of free will and to avoid the sufferings resulting from this behavior.

Aura analysis is delicate work. It demands self-denial and persevering study, as the subtler dimensions of matter are inaccessible to the five senses. Research objectively done, with strictness and honesty, away from fantasies and exacerbated skepticism, demonstrates on its own if the described processes through mediumistic sensibility are authentic or due to imagination.

This book emerged from the idea to demonstrate, in a simple and practical way, the hidden aspects of things. The elaboration of the first book with illustrations, with the purpose of consubstantiating the oeuvre, began in 1924. Many, among the studious and mediums, led by Luiz de Mattos, Christian Rationalism's founder, participated of this endeavor, but its concretization only happened in 1930, with the publishing of its first edition. With material for immediate consultancy, this book contains eight subjects transcribed from the Christian Rationalism book to support the understanding of the illustrations.

In 1985, for the first time, this book was translated from Portuguese into English. The current edition is available simultaneously in both languages. The English translation goal was to maintain the paragraphs' fluidity and the writing style accordingly to the original book in Portuguese, within the potentials of each language.

The knowledge herein released brings about some aspects of the more profound reality that assist us in the matter of unraveling how human interactions occur in a more complex stage and to aid us in building a more fraternal world with basis in the understanding that we all are part of the Universal Intelligence.

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